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Pages: My dream [1]
Author Topic: My dream

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2011-02-08 14-20-09

My dream My baby isn't anywhere to be found, I'm unsure where he is. The last I knew was he told me he was going to rehab (for drinking). Everyone he was in contact with last, hasn't heard from him or have seen him. His mom said they aren't talking anymore (not sure if she's covering for him), but I've just been in this daze of days lately, that seem like I'm loosing hope in "relationships." This was/is my first... but it's been over a month and a half. *** Last night I dreamed of meeting my "dream man" but up until waking up this morning, I've thought that my baby is my dream man. Just doesn't make sense he wouldn't give a . Guessing he may be just focusing on himself, or truly he doesn't give a shit (which would suck, but i totally see this could be the case... I was his first guy - and I seem to be attracted to masculine or bisexual). Moreso, he seemed a lot like me, before I came out. I feel he's probably in denial, wants a relationship but just isn't ready. Totally fine. He should go out and date and enjoy life. Just really sucks again when it feels like he's my first love. *** And then this dream I had, that maybe I'm missing things that weren't in our relationship. *** On a side note, this guy pulled up in his car, while I was lost in a parking area... he seemed caring and concerned. Wanted to know if I'd like any help. I said I knew my way but asked what he did (my baby caters, occasionally for his mom - but I want to be impressed), and to my suprise this guy said he was the ceo of some company. Anyways, he seemed nervous and I just asked what his name was, so he said it, smiled, and asked if I was around often(ha, in a parking? but anyways), so, I just said that he would definately see me again. He smiled and we went out ways. **** Now when I woke up this morning I decided to just enjoy the day and not chase the thought of getting back with my baby. Do you think it's fair to start moving on? I lastly feel like if he were to want there to be an "us" and for things to be "fresh" and "real," then he would get a hold of me somehow. The point of my life is to be hopeful but also to just have fun, so any thoughts? Opinions? Pics (totally kidding)? Or if anyone wants to talk about relationships, I'm all ears, it seems to be one of my favorite focus'
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2011-02-09 3-11-50-

Hmmm... This morning, just before I woke up, I had a dream that I was walking through a parking lot looking at a unique old hotel. I remember it being three stories tall, being made out of brick, and having a lot of victorian elements to it. I walked into the hotel through a side door, and couldn't find anyone at the front desk. There was a man at the Magazine sales counter... and he pointed me to the stairs leading to the basement. I went downstairs and saw no one there, but I saw another door. I went through it, and was suddenly outside the hotel on the street, just three doors down from my own house. Huh? I've never seen this hotel here before. There was a bench, and I sat down. Suddenly it was snowing. Snowing? It was hot outside just a minute ago. A beautiful woman came by, she sat down and put a blanket around me to keep me warm. Then she reached down and unzipped my pants. I tried to tell her NO... but she just put a finger to my lips and said "Shhhhhhh" then she took my cock into her warm hot mouth, and began to give me a delicious blow job. Two old women were walking by, I pulled the blanket over the woman with her head in my lap, so she couldn't be seen. The old women just smiled and walked on by. I reached down and stroked my hand across the strangers back. She lifted her hips up off the bench so I could finger her sticky wet pussy, and I discovered that she was compeltely shaven. Her delicious pussy juices coated my fingers, and as she continued to suck me, she spun around, so that we could 69 right there on the bench. I was still seated... she was like a gymnast... with that delicious wet shaven pussy pressed against my hungry mouth... my tongue sliding deep inside her, as her mouth engulfed my shaft, taking it balls deep. Her clit hard beneath my tongue slowly began to grow... with her tits gliding across my abs she began to work a finger, and then two, into my ass. Her clit was still throbing and growing, like a small cock, and I could taste her juices as I sucked it into my mouth. It continued to grow, throb and pulse till it was as big as my own cock... a delicious cock, that tasted like a sweet pussy. She thrust her hips... fucking my mouth with her amazing cock/clit... her mouth slurping my cock, as she worked it in and out in a frenzy... her fingers pressed deep in my ass, massaging my prostate... suddenly I awoke and it was over.
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  • oden

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    2011-02-09 22-59-54

    Ummmmm... a bit of a TG fantasy. Wonderful.
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    2011-02-10 2-33-43-

    rehab requires severing ties with all friends When he is released he will be in touch. jut be patient and not so dramatic. He needs stability now not a weepy queen who has no inner strength.Good luck to you both
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